Instant Pot Reviews and Recipes

Instant pot 8 quart

"I'm always on the go and sometimes it's hard to find time to cook. The Instant Pot lets me squeeze four hours of cooking into 30 minutes. What a life saver!"

— Lucy in Hawaii

"The Instant Pot is more like a no-pressure cooker! The 8 quart makes it easy to cook for my family of six, and it makes everyone happy."

— Lea in North Carolina

"The Instant Pot lets me cook 3x as much food in half the time. Great for hosting small dinner parties!"

— Tanya in California

"Before I bought my Instant Pot, cooking really intimidated me. But the Instant Pot is really dummy proof, and I can easily whip up chili and ratatouille."

— Adam in Ohio

Best Instant Pot Recipes

Saag Paneer
Chicken Tikka Masala
Instant Pot Chili
Instant Pot Pho
Chinese Century Egg and Pork Congee

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